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What’s So Great About Bamboo Charcoal?


Seeking clean, healthy skin is a regular part of many beauty routines. Cleansing acne, grime, clogged pores, and other skin impurities are crucial to having that glowy, refreshed skin that we see in movies and print advertising. However, finding natural, non-toxic, and healthy ways to cleanse that kind of impurity is hard sometimes, which is why people have been turning to more and more natural solutions to cleanse their skin. Bamboo charcoal as soap or facial masks has become more and more popular with people looking for gentle exfoliation and cleansing agents that treat any skin condition.

Our skin is routinely exposed to toxins and clogging agents daily. When we walk outside, we expose our skin to UV rays from the sun, which can damage and clog skin cells, as well as prematurely age our skin. Air pollution can also play a role in clogged pores, with your skin absorbing the natural toxins and radicals in the air that can make your face look dull, red, and irritated. Indoor and outdoor pollutants build up quickly on your skin, leaving literal layers of dead and damaged skin cells that need to be scrubbed off your skin regularly to promote overall skin health. Bamboo charcoal has been used as a solution for centuries in Asia to detoxify the skin. It continues to be an all-natural solution for exfoliation on all types of skin.

Bamboo is popular because of its flexible versatility and healthy skin benefits. It can be converted into charcoal through carbonization, a process that converts charcoal into a highly compacted yet powerful cleansing agent. Carbonization also activates the charcoal, allowing it to play a significant part in skin cleansing, thanks to its foaming and cleansing qualities. Bamboo charcoal as a purifying agent is unbeatable in the natural world, absorbing all impurities and completely detoxifying your skin. It has powerful antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. The antimicrobial properties make it especially effective on acne-prone skin that could harbor infections or cystic acne outbreaks that inflame your skin.

Bamboo charcoal is full of calcium, magnesium, and potassium, all additional nutrients and agents that can warm and rehydrate your skin. It’s highly absorbent and draws dirt, debris, toxins, and free radicals right out of your skin, clearing up any skin conditions and preventing blemishes and scarring in your skin. Bamboo charcoal can also treat puffy eyes and skin, reduce inflammation, and restore balance to your skin, returning it to a state of homeostasis that gently refreshes, glows, and resurfaces your skin.

Bamboo charcoal is a powerful natural tool that’s essential to use regularly to keep dead and toxic skin cells from building up on the surface of your skin. With a bar of bamboo charcoal soap in your beauty routine, you can ensure that your skin will look clean, happy, and refreshed at all times.

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Dr. Emmons

+ The Endulge Me Team

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