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The Best Natural Skin Care Ingredients


Hardly can you find a more controversial topic in cosmetology than Natural Ingredients. We all know that “natural” means good, healthy, and beneficial. However, this “knowledge” is primarily a result of continuous brainwashing from numerous brands and marketers. With the word “natural” and specific package design, they instantly call for our trust. But what do we really know about natural ingredients?

Not All Natural Ingredients are Created Equal!

Once you decide to switch to natural cosmetics, you instantly become more attentive to the contents of every new product you introduce to your skincare routine.

However, going through those ingredient lists can be overwhelming when you are not a skincare professional or a chemist. We all know those notorious ingredients to avoid.

Most manufacturers have already put aside parabens and phthalates. They have been in the public eye for a while, and you, most probably, can recognize them in the product’s contents. If not, make sure to address your skincare professional for qualified tutoring and advice.

It is also common knowledge that strongly scented products are quite likely to be loaded with synthetic components. But the thing is, once manufacturers take off some notorious synthetic ingredient, they may easily replace it with a less-famous analog. And, of course, marketers will make sure to put the most attractive words, names, and images on the front row, making the product look most natural, clean, and sustainable. However, it is just another reason to follow a professional’s judgment, not a colorful ad, while surveying the skincare market.

Several basic principles will help you understand whether the natural ingredients in your new crème or lotion are a benefit or just another sales pitch:

  • Pay attention to the sequencing of ingredients in the list. The larger the share of a component, the closer it is to the top of the list. That is why water (aqua) usually comes first in the contents of most skincare products. And if your new product proudly claims to be a natural green tea crème, but this ingredient comes last after a bunch of chemicals, its content in the overall product is tremendously insignificant;
  • Each natural ingredient has its purpose and action. Your choice should entirely depend on the condition and needs of your skin and professional recommendations, not just the manufacturer’s claims about the product’s natural origin;
  • Although synthetic ingredients are much more likely to cause irritations and reactions, you can also be allergic to natural components once you have developed intolerances.


Certain natural ingredients have proven to be the safest and most efficient for skincare. This article will go through Nature’s most potent secret weapons against breakouts, irritation, aging, sun damage, and other notorious skin issues.

Vitamin C

Your Natural Remedy for Premature Aging and Sagging Skin

Vitamin C is usually the #1 natural component once we talk about rejuvenation and premature aging prevention. The secret of its magical effect lies in the ability of Vitamin C to stimulate the biological synthesis of collagen. It is essential for the skin’s regeneration, firmness, and smoothness – the genuine signs of youth.

Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant, and it helps protect your skin from free radicals and lightens dark spots – the traditional companions of aging.

However, not only mature skin can benefit from products that contain Vitamin C. It is also famous for regulating sebum, preventing inflammation, soothing, and acne. Therefore, you may often find Vitamin C in products for oily skin and remedies for acne.

Green Tea

Anti-inflammatory Salvation for Your Skin

Green Tea is not just a legendary drink from Eastern culture but also a powerful skincare ingredient that can prevent and even reverse inflammation and UV damage to your skin.

It includes efficient antioxidants such as epigallocatechin gallate and flavonoids, like kaempferol and theaflavin. Together they have a miraculous soothing effect and are most efficient after heat or sunburns.

Beta Carotene

Your Protection Against UV Light and Sun Damage

It is an organic, intensely colored red or orange component. Although its name comes from the Latin word “Carota” – carrot, you may find it in numerous fruits and vegetables colored red and orange. For example, pumpkins and sweet potatoes are packed with beta carotene, not much less than a carrot.

Besides being a beneficial nutrient, Beta Carotene is also one of the most efficient skin care components. The human body has a mechanism that instantly converts Beta Carotene into Vitamin A, crucial for skin regeneration and healing. It also stimulates cell renovation and protects you against UV light.

According to the research of the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, Beta Carotene is also highly efficient against discoloration. It means that this component will help you maintain a healthy skin tone and even prolong the radiant “holiday skin” effect after the vacation.


Soothing Irritations and Alleviating Symptoms of Eczema

Skin is the largest organ of your body designed to protect you from external hazards and an aggressive environment. However, sometimes your skin needs help and protection itself. Oats contain lipids and proteins that maintain, strengthen, and even replenish your skin barrier once it is damaged due to external and internal conditions.

The effect of oats against symptoms of eczema, irritations, and dryness, as well as damages by plants like poison ivy and poison oak and insect bites, is so consequential that this component is officially recognized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

To be precise and sure about the effect, look for the Colloidal Oatmeal in the list of ingredients. This component has the most solid clinical research base behind it, especially in soothing eczema. 


Brightening Pigmentation and Granting You Even Skin Tone

Soy is a natural alternative to such famous and prescription-graded components as retinoids and hydroquinone. However, make sure to consult your skincare professional and choose high-quality natural cosmetics that contain Soy. In some cases, the replacement may appear inefficient and even dangerous due to individual peculiarities of your skin and sensitivity factors.

However, Soy has been famous for its skin-brightening effect for centuries, used by royalties to gain an even, aristocratically bright skin tone. Today Soy is exceptionally efficient in therapies against melasma or severe consequences of sun damage, and it is traditionally used for people suffering from skin melanin overproduction and related conditions.

Licorice Extract

Treating Redness and Rosacea

Licorice extract is another natural ingredient with a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. However, it is primarily famous for treating skin redness and even rosacea. You may also often find it in natural skincare products for mature skin as an efficient component against pigmentation.

It is primarily used for crèmes and balms for sensitive areas around the eyes. Most Licorice extract studies show that it is safe and particularly effective against the notorious dark circles around the eyes.

Willow Herb

A Powerful Antibacterial Component

Willow Herb is famous mainly for destroying the Propionibacterium acnes bacteria. It is the leading cause of acne and breakouts, and that is why this herbal ingredient is one of the most popular remedies for acne and skin blemishes.

However, its antiseptic, soothing, and anti-inflammatory effects have been famous for ages, making it one of the first remedies against eczema and rosacea used by humanity.

Today you may find Willow Herb mostly in natural cleansers and products meant for oily, combination, and skin prone to acne.

Witch Hazel

Control Sebum While Deeply Moisturizing Your Skin

Witch Hazel is a popular ingredient in natural skincare products for combination skin. While helping you control oily areas, toners and moisturizers containing Witch Hazel allow you to hydrate dry areas deeply, preventing flakiness and irritations of dry patches.

It is also remarkably efficient against minor skin damage and swelling. Thanks to these qualities, witch hazel is also a popular ingredient in natural skin care for men, and you will often meet it in natural aftershave crèmes and balms.

You may often find witch hazel astringent in drugstores. However, skincare professionals strongly recommend against using it in DIY skincare experiments. Once unbalanced, it may have the opposite effect, stripping your skin of moisture and causing severe reactions.

You can always rely on Mother Nature while searching for products to help you solve skincare issues, prevent damage, or even turn back time, stimulating cell renovation and rejuvenation. However, it is essential to understand that natural components are not less potent than synthetic ones. Therefore, when introducing a new natural product into your skincare routine, you should consult with a professional and choose recommended brands. In this case, you will benefit most from your natural skincare routine and discover a whole universe of safe, ethical, and sustainable cosmetics.

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