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Facial Soap

Our physician-formulated natural soaps are designed to deeply moisturize, strengthen the skin barrier, soothe inflammation, and protect your skin from daily environmental stressors. We have created a luxurious soap for your skin type, eczema, psorisis, or acne needs.  Your skin is ready and waiting to be indulged!

Facial Soaps

A bar of natural, handmade soap is among life’s simplest pleasures. Endulge Me Natural Soap Bars are small-batched and made from scratch using the cold-processing technique to guarantee freshness, consistency, and perfection. Dr. Emmons carefully develops our formulas to create a gentle, skin-nourishing soap that provides a magnificent long-lasting lather and leaves your skin feeling clean, moisturized, and healthy. Cleanse, renew, and protect your skin with a soap bar with the finest plant butter, oils, herbs, and spices that will hydrate and calm your skin.

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