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Bath Bombs

Indulge your senses like never before. Experience your personalized spa at home as you sink into pure indulgence with our bath bombs that will renew your body, mind, and soul. Our bath bombs are formulated to help detox and hydrate your skin, soothe sore muscles, and provide an aromatherapy experience that transports you to a place of total relaxation. We use only pure essential oil, natural fragrances, and organic butter and oils to provide your body, spirit, and soul with nourishment and relaxation.


Research shows that taking baths has excellent physical and mental health benefits. Adding a bathing ritual to your routine can be an ultimate act of self-care because warm baths improve mental and emotional health. Warm baths have been shown to lower stress hormones and balance serotonin in the body, which helps regulate mood. Being immersed in warm water calms the nervous system, reduces anxiety and stress, and improves mood. Bathing will also increase blood circulation, providing sore muscles and joints with more oxygen and nutrients. The increased blood circulation relieves pain, improves the elasticity of connective tissues, and soothes muscle tightness.

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