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Effects of Sugar on Your Face


Everything You Need to Know About Sugar Face

Despite the perky term, Sugar Face seems to be a bleak term in the skincare industry today. However, if you look at the big picture, there appears to be a “face” for every bad habit or controversial food product today! There is a pale and dull “smoker’s face, puffy “sushi face,” and, of course, the notorious “carb face.”

As for sugar, skincare professionals seem to have started an ultimate crusade against this product. Indeed, sugar is named “The cocaine of the XXI century” for a reason. It is a highly addictive product that causes numerous scientifically proven concerning consequences for health.

As long as skin is the most illustrative indicator for a health condition, such phenomenon as “sugar face’ seems pretty plausible even if you do not have the medical degree or qualifications of a skincare professional.  Indeed, you might notice that once you spoil yourself with an extra slice of a cheesecake or a donut, the consequences may reveal themselves already the following morning.

However, as we talk about “sugar face” as a skincare term, you may experience some more complicated symptoms than a couple of pimples on the chin. It is all about the long-term damage of core processes in your skin that may lead to irreversible consequences and premature aging.

Does Sugar Make Me Look Old?

To make a long story short, the answer is yes.  But the whole process is much more complicated than you might think.  Except for premature signs of aging, Sugar Face may occur in excessive oil production, pore-clogging, or the notorious dark circles under your eyes.

So if you are among the lucky ones who have not yet noticed any wrinkles but struggle with breakouts, uneven skin tone, or some other issues, it may also be a form of Sugar Face.

What Does Sugar Face Look Like?

Now let’s take a closer look at a sugar face and understand how this whole matter works.

Sugar is one of the most deceptive poisons you can imagine. Poisons are generally bitter or sour, which is Nature’s final warning sign that whatever you have just put inside your mouth may be dangerous.

Unlike most potentially hazardous ingredients, sugar is a sweet, delightful pleasure we never tire of eating. Moreover, once it gets into our body, it stimulates brain and digestive system processes that eventually lead to a specific addiction level. Have you ever heard that sugar stimulates the production of endorphins – the hormone of happiness? Well, so do codeine and morphine, but sugar is available, especially to children.

But let’s go back to the skin and understand how sugar affects your reflection in the mirror. Sugar is considered an inflammatory food and causes inflammation within the body. When a person consumes a lot of foods with a high glycemic index, it gets processed in your gut, then enters your bloodstream, and may lead to inflammation. This inflammatory process may worsen certain skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis.

Another thing you should know about sugar; it makes your pores bigger and clogs them with excessive oil. Consuming too much sugar raises testosterone levels, which causes pores to enlarge and increases the production of sebum. But if you could get rid of those side effects by simply rejecting sugar, it would be too easy, wouldn’t it?

Sugar also suppresses your immune system, making your oily sugar face a fruitful soil for bacterial overgrowth that inevitably leads to acne. And once you get to this phase, it will take you much more effort than changing your diet to overcome those consequences. In other words, excessive sugar may quickly turn normal skin into acne-prone, but the reverse process will be much more complicated.

And this is just the top of the sweet iceberg called “Sugar Face.” Sugar is an ingredient of many products, so laying off chocolates may not be enough to prevent its symptoms and consequences. You may find loads of sugar in alcohol, pastry, dairy products, and much more.

However, let’s go over the most common skin issues sugar can cause. Maybe the breakouts or premature aging signs that you are struggling with so hard right now are precisely a result of your sweet tooth.

Sugar Face and Premature Aging

The most common Sugar Face symptoms are wrinkles that may appear on your forehead and significant skin thinning. It happens because sugar breaks down collagen. This element is essential for skin elasticity. It prevents wrinkles, helps skin microdamage heal fast without a trace. Collagen provides smooth function and recovery of all connection tissues in our bodies. Its production is most efficient at a young age. That is why children have those smooth rosy cheeks, and their boo-boos heal much faster. However, our cells produce less collagen the older we get. That is where such signs of aging like wrinkles, skin sagging, and pigmentation come from. And eating sugar, we artificially boost up the process of aging.

Above all, sugar is also a powerful dehydrating agent. On the one hand, dehydration makes your skin thinner and weaker, more vulnerable to external hazards. Simultaneously, skin dehydration often leads to excessive production of natural oils as a protective means for your skin. Eventually, if you have the most complicated combination skin type, big chances it is just sugar face and changing your diet, you may instantly see tremendous changes in your skin’s behavior. That is why children have those smooth rosy cheeks, and their boo-boos heal much faster. However, our cells produce less collagen the older we get. That is where such signs of aging like wrinkles, skin sagging, and pigmentation come from. And eating sugar, we artificially boost up the process of aging.

The Connection Between Sugar Face and Breakouts

Breakouts and even painful pustular pimples all over your face are other common symptoms of a Sugar Face. In fact, sugar can simultaneously provoke several reactions in your body that can lead to various breakouts – from occasional pimples to massive long-term issues.

One of them is that sugar creates an environment in your gut and digestion system that kills the bifidobacteria – the so-called “good bacteria”. Above all, their function is to prevent inflammation, help your body consume useful elements from food, and get rid of toxins naturally and efficiently.

Once the balance of those bacteria is ruined, your body instantly sends warning signs through the most sensible indicators – bowel movements and skin condition. That is why once you address a skincare expert with concerns about breakouts and acne, your diet might be among the first things he or she will ask you about.

Another bacteria-related effect of a Sugar Face is stimulating the excessive production of natural oils and expanding your pores, making your skin “spongy” and turning it into an ultimate nursery for bacteria. Cutibacterium acnes (formerly Propionibacterium acnes), to be precise. Those are pathogens that grow slowly but surely on the surface of your skin, causing inflammations, major breakouts, and acne.

Every skin care professional will tell you that proper cleansing and using quality cosmetic products based on natural ingredients will help you return balance to your skin and take breakouts under control. However, once you continue eating lots of sugar, you undermine your skin’s health from within, neutralizing all the effects from the products and efforts of your skincare professional.

Sugar Face is a Swollen Face

Just like premature aging and breakouts were not enough, sugar face has another grim and notorious symptom – swelling. Most people believe that it happens because sugar somehow keeps excessive moisture in your body, which leads to puffiness and bags under your eyes. But we have already learned that sugar dehydrates.

However, there is a direct connection between sugar and shallowness. It is one of your body’s reactions to the damage that sugar causes to your immune system. Swelling is a kind of inflammatory response to the misbalance in the immune system. When you get hurt, the wounded area always gets swollen and inflamed. This reaction is a kind of a geotag for your body that indicates the damaged place and directs all the healing resources towards it.

Once sugar compromises your immune system, your body may consider it as one overall damage and respond with a comprehensive inflammation – a swell. It is most radical around the gentlest areas, such as the eyes. That is where the notorious bags under your eyes come from.

So, once you ask whether Sugar Face is real or it is just one more trendy rumor in the skincare industry, the answer is yes, it is real. However, it might be much more complicated and multidimensional than you think. You do not have to eat candies or cakes exclusively to get this effect.

More and more products contain a tremendous amount of sugar today. So, the solution here is to take your diet as an integral part of skincare. Just like you might be curious about beneficial ingredients in your skincare products, start following the contents of your food as it might be as important for your skin as any cleanser or moisturizer.

Remember, take a moment for self today!

Dr. Emmons

+ The Endulge Me Team

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